Hi, my name is

Sajankumar Vijayan

I design and build digital experiences for the web

I'm a UI/UX frontend engineer specializing in building and designing digital experiences. Currently, I'm focused on building website and video player at RTL Nederland

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About Me

Hello! My name is Sajankumar Vijayan and I enjoy creating UI/UX for web development. My interest in web development started back in 2006 when I was building the first HTML static website for my college project.

Fast-forward to today, I have had the privilege of working at an individual freelancer, a start-up and a huge corportation. I am currently building website and video player application for a well know Dutch media network. RTL Nederland.

Technologies I have been working with over the years:

Javascript (ES6 +)
Next js
sajankumar vijayan

My Codecases

notes api

Notes app is simple rest api service built using Deno. Notes api service offers you to signup and sign in and, you can manage your notes in highly secured authentication mechanism..


notes ui

Notes UI is an interface to interact with notes_api services for demo purpose. Using this UI you should be able to signup and manage all your notes in highly secured environment.


video downloader

I built this video downloader application for fun. And, I learnt a lot about tailwind css.


pexels deno

A simple Deno library for accessing Pexels api. You may use this library to integrate with your existing product.


Get In Touch

My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to work with me, Just drop me an email. I will get back to you!